About me? No, that’s covered elsewhere. This site has been chosen to act as the jump off point for a comprehensive study of government: Yours, mine, ours, god’s, of course, there is more than one god out there, so we’ll probably bounce around on some of that too, and what god is, in general, and to you, and me, and, we can’t forget the various governing agencies for at least some of the various religions out there, in addition to the various layers of governing agencies we see and/or hear about on a day to day basis firsthand, and through many other sources.

I do have an agenda in all of this, but, it is not to guide anyone to any particular belief system, or idealology: I do not know it all, and, I do not know what, if anything, is best for you to accept as your idealology at the point that you are at upon your path. It may be best for you to not accept any idealology at this time, or ever. At this time, I really could not point to a particular idealology or belief system and say that it is mine, that I own it, or it owns me… and, I see no need to have one at this point on my path.

Don’t limit God, and, if we limit ourselves, we limit what He, or is it we, can do with us, and then, we’ve limited every thing. (It seems to me like that would be a crime, or, a sin?) That’s for a different area in what, through its course, is to become a vast array of sites containing their own, individual subject matters, and the intersecting links from one to the other.

So, here, we’ll have a jump off site to cover as much as we can of the vast array of things that are considered to be “government”, how it got to be what it is, and maybe how they all intersect.

I will try to keep my editorial commentary clearly marked and seperate, but accessible, ’cause that just seems like it’s how it ought to be done.

Your editorial commentary, as well as any information you have to share is invited, and will be appreciated, even if it may not agree with my opinions and beliefs at that time. We’re here to get it right over trying to validate our opinions and beliefs about any particular subject matter.

Ultimately, we’re here to get it right, and share it.

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