First: What do we define as “government”?

When one thinks of government, what is he or she typically thinking about? 

I would suppose that in most cases, most folks think of what they know as being their “local” governing agencies, well, around here – within the geographical boundary’s for what is commonly known as the several states of north America – most folks think of what they’ve experienced as being “their” local, county, state, federal, international “government”, if they’ve ever even pondered it.

I dare say that most folks have not even pondered it: Their parents respected these folks, and recognised them as having authority over them, and taught their children the same thing, and their children never even questioned it, like their parents never did.

Actually, most folks here have been told, think, and believe, that they are in the United States. To that, at this point, it is only fair for me to ask you: Which one? You know, the Supreme Court for the United States has found that there are three things that could be defined as being the “United States”. If you do not even know the choices, then do you know where you really are, and who – what – “your” government really is?

Well, it would be difficult to actually examine what government is, not what we were taught it is, but what it actually is, without first removing ourselves, mentally, not physically, from every attachment and association with “government” for the sake of getting a clear view, and hopefully a clear focus on the entire situation for being what it really is. This is what I intend to do through this site, and the many, many branches that will come off of this main sub section.

I came to find that what I once held as true regarding governments, was not, as it was for just about every thing I once held as true.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same is true for you: “And the whole world will be decieved” – Jesus-

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